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The Old Olive (Stara Maslina) – 8.7 km from the hotel

Natural monument The Old Olive is located in Mirovica in Bar, not far from the Old Town, on the main road Bar-Ulcinj and is the hallmark of the city of Bar

In addition to the Old Olive Tree, which is over 2000 years old, there are seven other olive trees in the same yard, which are between 500 and 700 years old.

In 1957 the Old Olive Tree was protected by law and declared a natural monument. This is one of the most important natural resources of Montenegro. In 2008, the area around the Old Olive Tree was landscaped and turned into a park and monumental complex with a size of about 2564 m2.

The old olive tree still bears fruit. Visitors to the complex can purchase olive oil pressed from the fruits of this wonder tree.