Local time: 09:53 pm
7, Mila Chakalovicha Str., Sutomore, Montenegro, 85000
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SUP excursions

This is called SEA THERAPY!

Vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

We start the season 2021 with our friends @enjoy_sup_montenegro

  • It is an interesting activity when there is something to see around. That is why it is worth taking an excursion, not just to hire boards.
  • During the ride, be sure to take water with you, as you often have to sail for a long time. Many boards are equipped with a special “pocket” or elastic band on the upper front side, where you can attach a bottle of water, shoes, or other things you might need.
  • It is better not to put cameras and phones there, as the board gets completely wet. Actually, you can take them with you if you have waterproof cases or bags.
  • On the shore you will have a short briefing with the explanation of the rules and then full speed ahead. You usually set off in a sitting position and then just rise to your feet.
  • Cherry on top: after the Sup-tour you get professional photos of your walk.