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Lipovac Winery

Montenegro turned out to be more perspicacious than many European countries in the field of experiments with the Kakhetian method of wine production and made it not only from white but also from red grapes.

The wine of the Lipovac winery is made exclusively from its own grapes. For this, the winery has more than 23 hectares of vineyards at its disposal. The grapes are grown on the Gradzhani hills (400 m above sea level) around Lake Skadar.

The first letter on the label, which we see when we enter the territory of the winery in the village of Gradzhani with a protected geographical indication is written in Old Slavonic.

The walls of the winery and wine cellar are decorated with motives of Niko Pirosmani, a famous Georgian artist who was appreciated by Pablo Picasso himself, and it is impossible not to notice a life-size painting of a giraffe at the entrance to the winery by a Georgian artist Anvar Safiullini.

In 2015, the Lipovac winery released its first line of wines – Idea, Model and Concept, then in 2017 – Gea and Tellus – from amphorae, and pink Harmonia with light notes of raspberries and strawberries with cream – the perfect wine for a hot summer evening; in 2018, the red wine Tammuz, for which only the best Kratoshia berries (red grape variety) are selected by hand. Fermentation in qvevri (amphora without handles) lasts 45-60 days, then the wine matures in an Italian amphora for 120-180 days, its taste becomes similar to cherry jam.

You can combine wine tours with magnificent views – this is the 4th Vidikovac – a mountain panoramic road with viewing platforms of Podgorica and Skadar Lake.

To book a tour of the winery, you can contact us. There are two types of tours available:

  1. Winery tour, tasting of 4 wines (white Chardonnay, rose Vranac, red Vranac and red premium Vranac and Shiraz) with cheese, prosciutto and olives – 15€ per person.
  2. ТWinery tour, tasting of 7 wines (including amphora wines: orange Morava / Zižak, red Vranac and red Kratoshia) with cheese, prosciutto and olives – 20€ per person.