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7, Mila Chakalovicha Str., Sutomore, Montenegro, 85000

Terms of use

Our rules

1. Reservation of rooms for any date is carried out without advance payment by telephone or through the online booking service.

2. When booking by phone, the guest gives his name, chooses a room, time, and the number of days of stay.

3. Regardless of the method of booking, a day before the intended check-in, the guest confirms his reservation by phone, giving the order number, and if it is impossible to arrive by the time of booking, he warns the administrator in advance about his delay … Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled, no claims will be accepted, no compensation will be paid.

4. The check-in is made with an international passport or other identity documents. The minimum stay is 1 day.

5. The cost of living is calculated in accordance with the approved price list. Upon check-in, the guest pays in cash or by credit card for the entire duration of his stay.

6.The residence time is counted from the moment the guest receives the room key. In this case, the administrator is obliged to loudly and clearly inform the guest of the exact time of the end of the check-in.

7. The check-in is considered completed at the moment when the guest, for whom the room is registered, left the hotel. Other visitors have the right to stay in the room only by registering a new check-in for another person from among those present and paying for the accommodation.

8. If the guest arrives later than the booking time, the administrator is obliged to make every effort to provide the latecomer with a room on the terms of booking.

9. If it is impossible to fulfill the conditions of clause 8, the residence time is counted in accordance with the booking accepted by the administrator.

10. The administrator is not obliged to remind the guest about the expiry of the paid stay.

11. The administrator has the right to demand that the guest checks out or pays for the extension after the paid time expires.

12. If the guest leaves the room before the expiration of the time paid for at check-in, the money for the unused time will not be returned.

13. The administration is not responsible for damage caused to the health and property of visitors as a result of their careless or inept use of furnishing and room equipment.

14. It is forbidden to smoke in rooms, but you can smoke on the terraces.

15. It is forbidden to stay in rooms with pets.

16. The administration reserves the right to refuse to check-in without giving reasons, as well as to publish personal data of rule-breakers.