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Tabija Fortress – 2,8 km away from the hotel

Tvrdzava Tabija (Tabija – bastion) or Tvrdzava Golo Brdo (brdo – hill), Tvrdzava Haj. The Tabia Fortress in Sutomore is the southernmost fortress of the Austro-Hungarian Zuid fortified area. It is best to climb to the fortress from the southern side of the mountain (Sutomore city beach) along a gravel path, sneakers are required. It is even possible to go there with children. There are no steep and dangerous climbs. The view from the top is stunning.

Even during the season, there are no tourists here, the fortress is not guarded by anyone, therefore the entrance is free.

The approximate date of construction is 1862, built by the Turks, then it was owned by the Austrians.