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Monastery of St. Mary of Ratac – 290 m from the hotel

Monastery of St. Mary of Ratac (Italian Santa Maria de Rotezo) is a ruined monastery complex on the Adriatic cape between Sutomore and Bar in Montenegro. The complex of the monastery existed and developed from the 9th to the 16th century, and for some time was under the protection of the Serbian kings. Now it is ruined, nevertheless, it is still visited by believers from the surrounding area, lighting candles, and to this day the disputes between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches do not stop around it.

Once the complex was officially named “Monastery of St. Michael Ratachky” (or “San Micaele de Reteza” in the Venetian manner). However, later the abbey began to appear under the name of St. Mary Ratachka (“Santa Maria de Rotezo” in Italian or “Samostan svete Marije Ratačke” – in Montenegrin, Serbian and Croatian languages). The reason for the renaming was the miraculous icon, thanks to which the monastery on the cape became a popular place of pilgrimage.

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