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Grlo Sokolovo Gorge – 85 km from the villa

Route to the Albanian border – Grlo Sokolovo Gorge

In 2016 the Ministry of Tourism opened a panoramic road towards the Prokletije massif, through the Komovi mountains, along with it we will be able to climb a height of 1500 m (where it is quite chilly) in order to stand on the very border with Albania, see Albanian villages and admire the majestic peaks of Prokletijе at close range. Group bus excursions are not available here.

Places to see:

  • Hiking tour to the gorge from the landmark in the village – Dubirog restaurant. Here we usually leave a car and go to the gorge on foot, two roads will be visible: 2.4 km to the left – longer, it is simple and picturesque, and even with children of any age we can easily overcome it; the one to the right is shorter – 2.1 km, it goes over the hill, there is snow on it even at the end of April.
  • In total, along the way, we will have at least 5 panoramic stops with views of the Prokletije mountains and the Tsievna canyon and at least a 2-hour walk to Grlo Sokolovo.

You are welcome to stop on the way in order to take wonderful pictures.

⏱ Duration is about 10 hours.